Boring Crappy Doom and Gloom. Walk On By.

YUCK!! That’s all I have. we’ve had way too much snow, it’s too cold, couldn’t move the car yesterday.
My sons cannot stop squabbling for two freakin seconds, it’s driving me bonkers.
My dad would have ‘banged their bloody heads together’ by now.
My softly softly approach is a big fat fail.
In other news I’m reading waay too much non fiction again and I’ve decided to runaway from home and become a social worker.
( Because all that’s needed to end poverty and poverty related crime and violence is for me to go back to school for four years! Yes, that’ll help.)

Ditoh in Tokyo, Kev and myself had a kick arse trip planned to the middle east for next month and we’ve had to decide to
not go. There are some really fabulous people were not going to see now, and some awesome sights, not to mention food we aren’t going to be eating anytime soon.
I’m too gloomy today, ignore me, roll on spring and more sunshiney days.
Sunshine’s results come out tomorrow morning!!
I’m off to bed now, using the Xmas tactics to make tomorrow come quicker.
Fingers X’d.

3 thoughts on “Boring Crappy Doom and Gloom. Walk On By.

  1. Good luck to Sunshine – hope the results are good ‘uns. As for the trip… hell, it’s a huge world. Pick some place else and gear yourself up; relight those dreams somewhere else!

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