The Sun Has Got His Hat On…

Glorious sunny day here, though roads are frozen. Young Jim set off for his place of learning this morning and came back 20 minutes later with a gash in his leg where he’d slipped on the ice. Patched him up.
Sunshine has been in the shower for several hours, wants to be gorgeous for receiving her news, she can get the results online at 10 a.m.? I will be in a lesson at 10 so will have to set my phone in my sights.
I finish at 11 and will take Sunshine and Big Love 2 out for lunch. He applied to another place as well and heard he got in there yesterday.
Observation Day at the elem school for young Jim, Kev’s is tomorrow.
After Valentine’s Day yesterday the house is awash with chocolates and none of it is mine but good to know they all ate a hearty breakfast of Morozoff, Godiva and good old Meiji.
Will be back with news, one way or another…..

6 thoughts on “The Sun Has Got His Hat On…

  1. Hoorah for chocolate (I’d give it up but I’m no quitter!!), it gets you through so many things in life don’t you think? Got my eyes crossed for Sunshine’s results. 🙂

      • Not too far away – PL Gakuin at Tondabayashi – but will be boarding so he’ll have to do his own washing from now on!
        As for free time, I’m open to all suggestions/invitations!

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