We’re in! we’re safe, we have a place.
Let me share the joy that has been my day.
So Sunshine says she can check the results at 10 a.m. online, but as I said I had a lesson. I had my Wednesday morning, whackjob, raving nutter granny class.
I get over to the house where we have the lesson and I’m about 15 minutes early, so I parked the car and stressed myself out a bit, asking myself why I didn’t push her to try for a safety-net choice and what if she doesn’t get in, what if she doesn’t have a place at all, why didn’t I suggest she try a safer bet option to fall back on, and the what if she ends up hooking on crack? because those are the only choices life offers, right? A university degree or being a crack-whore, no middle road, nothing inbetween, one or the other. Visualising myself searching the crack dens of our one horse town I went for my lesson.
I strategically placed my phone on the arm of the chair and went about my phrasal verbs. 10.10 comes and goes and I’ve heard NOTHING, oh freakitty freak freak freak. Then for no apparent reason half a dozen people I rarely exchange emails with mailed me about random ,unrelated to my breakdown, issues.
10.20 First result. NO. Shit! Turn off the light/turn the light off/turn it off. What do I care, not much at that point. 10 minutes later I get another disappointment. Finally at 10.50 we get a YES!!! YES YES YES.
I round things up quickly and semi-professionally and shoot out of there and go home
Turns out young Sunshine has had some porblems of her own. At 10 just as she was about to imput her code number when the co op man came, she had to help him out, put the shopping away and chat about the price of cheese for a while, then the phone rang, it was The Man checking to see if she knew anything, she’d just put that down and it rang again it was her sister phoning from the pay phone at school, she was getting a bit pissed off by now, then Big Love phoned to say he had some of his results had she seen hers, so it was quite a busy morning…..
Suffice to say we’re all pleased and relieved here. More results come out on Friday so she may or may not have a choice to make, but we’re proud and probably not doomed to crack whoredom.

16 thoughts on “Results!

    • Actually promised to take her and BL2 out for lunch and had lofty plans, but then remembered it was observation day at the elem and we didn’t have much time, so ended up at our cheapo quicko, default establishment, but I let them have the drink bar!! 😉

  1. Yippie and three cheers for Sunshine. I’m sure my daily Hammy Pic was just the thing to push her through successfully. I’m a muse I am!
    But I guess this means I’m still searching for a crack whore to set up with my future porn star.

  2. WhooHoo! Congratulations!
    Now she’s in, she can be a lazy layabout like all the other Uni students and have fun, fun, fun.

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