Tis The Season To Be Ill

So don’t know if it was a bad cold or flu, but it’s doing the rounds of the family. The Man had it first and I must say, hats off to him, he managed it rather well, minimum of fuss. Usually if he’s ill there is much moaning and wailing, desperate calls for more tea and blankets, but this time he took to bed, stayed there for about 24 hours and got up fine. Sunshine took it on next, she slept for about 3 days and woke up looking for chocolate. Kev went down with it Sunday, stayed home Monday and is fighting fit and back at school now. So will the rest of us get it? That remains to be seen, but personally I’ve never felt better.
Went for a hair cut yesterday. My Cut-Man did a great job, suddenly my hair got long enough to ahve any kind of choice in cut, after having very very short hair for so long it’s quite a surprise, and I really like the shape he put in it, had me twirling my head all day, flicking back and forth,1 part red carpet,3 parts tourettes, I kept dashing off to look in the mirror and wonder if it was really me? All those postive feelings fell into a discarded heap on the floor though when Doris came home from school, and I greeted her with a smile and a flick/swish of the hair and she said,
‘Oh I thought you were getting your hair cut today!’
It was good while it lasted.
Travel Plan B has been launched and we are going to India, we will see actual Taj Mahal and not confuse it with little chap in saffron robes. Myself, young Kevvers, Ditoh ‘Queen of the Realm will be off for a couple of weeks next month, right after Kev’s graduation, joining the throngs, seeing the sights. We’ll take a brief trip to Kathmandu too, bringing me a little closer to my life long dream of going to Base Camp Mount Everest. so I have a few short weeks to read or re read every book I have on Everest or India, what’s sad is at last, “Married To A Bedouin’ arrived from the UK, and I started that last night and Wow! seeing Petra would have been awesome, next time!!Lots to do, plans to make, money to manifest.
Oh and it’s tax time too, 6 million receipts to organise!!
We haven’t seen hide nor hair of the hamster, so I’m pretty sure it’s no longer in our house. Jim claims his friend agreed to take it.
So all in all, nowt much happening here but in a good way.
Oh! and it’s sunny, very very sunny, bring on warm days…..

3 thoughts on “Tis The Season To Be Ill

  1. Just thought I’d let you know that I now have confirmation that The Sagittarian and family are all OK. House wrecked I believe but they’re all fine and healthy and have found some unbroken bottles of wine… check the comments on her last post; all details there. 🙂

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