Attention Span Destroyed

I love blogging. I have loved blogging since I started. I love other people’s blogs and the whole community of the blogger world, yet somehow these days I can’t quite get my shit in a pile to post anything.
Giving it some thought last night as I wrestled with my current insomnia phase I think there are a number of factors at work.
I’m not going to go to my default excuse of ‘busy’ because in the past ‘busy’ didn’t stop me blogging, in fact the busier I was the more I felt I had to blog about.
Firstly, I blame the myPhone. It’s welded to my hand all day long I’m zipping of texts left right and centre as my day unfolds, so by the time I come to blog it’s like I have already released the information, my need to get it down and out of my head has gone.
Then I blame Facebook, interacting on FB takes a few seconds, sometimes a minute or two as I flit around ‘liking’ this, ‘lol’ ing that, check out the video, have a laugh, ‘share’ it, nothing engages my brain for an substantial amount of time, I feel I have retrained my brain to think and perform in quick bursts, I have destroyed my concentration span. I need to contemplate giving it all up for lent or something, but of course can’t think about it long enough to reach a conclusion.
Me memory is now failing me. I sometimes think of something and get the juices flowing and think I’ll blog this later, but when later comes I find I cannot retrieve the information. Hard disk malfunction

So in a nutshell, in an incohesive nutshell.
Went to the Indian embassy in Osaka to pick up visas for India. Nepal is probably not going to happen as there is some freaky 60 day rule on leaving and reentering India. Young Kevvers came with me, and told me that on a scale of 1-10 he is a 9 in excitement about going to India. I don’t think I’ve ever seen higher than a 4 with my own naked eye before, oh, sorry, except for the day he got his DS when his excitement caused smoke to billow out of the excite-o-meter and it’s never been the same since.

On the topic of Sunshine, rant to follow, I’ll start by saying though money is included in this rant, it’s not about the money really. So she has an entrance ceremony for Uni, thats fine, that’s good and dandy, unfortunately I will at the point be getting enlightened in the spiritual city of Varanasi, so my wardrobe does not need to be considered.
She received an orientation pack from the Uni that says everyone has to wear a dark suit. It can be black or grey and a fine pin stripe is also allowed??? WTF, it’s Uni surely they can just wear what they want, they are 18 for gawd’s sake.
Then despite the fact that they do not share private information with any third parties whatsoever, we get a postcard from the local ‘suit’ shop offering a substantial discount on said entrance ceremony dark suit.
So yesterday when all The Man’s plans to file his tax return fell apart, he took her off to the suit shop to get said suit.
Of course! why didn’t we see it coming? It was like ordering lunch from a set menu. You have to select the suit, colour, style of jacket, trousers or skirt? The shirt, pale pink, pale blue or white? The bag, black briefcase type shoulder bag that at 60 quid will spend the rest of it’s days at the bottom of the wardrobe, tights, 6 different shades of blah!, and shoes.
It is never going to end, they are never going to get to a place where they get to choose from an open market, everything forever and always is going to be decided from a pre-chosen limited selection. I think I’ve been in denial. I mean I see it all around me, where the adults at any fuction wear a variation on a theme, where people think they make choices but really they’re just choosing A, B or C, when the difference between any of those choices is virtually invisible anyway.

Sunday, The Man and I went to an onsen, it was pretty nice, the couple that bathes together, stays together, even if it is separately in single sex baths. Fabulous outdoor bath they had, not as good as the one at the top of Kurama in Kyoto, but not bad for a five minute drive down the road and 700 yen.
So when my lovely friends come to visit me next week it’ll be top of the list.

Then it’s time to dust off the backpack and take my son on what I hope is the first of many backpacking adventures and I wonder why I want that for my kids. I backpacked a lot and loved it and want them to have the same joy from it, but I know I’ll never sleep for a second knowing they are trekking here and hitching there. This perplexes me.

Beautiful, glorious sunshine today and talking of Sunshine, she’s going to make the dinner!! And I’m going to be late for work now, will fix all typos later.

4 thoughts on “Attention Span Destroyed

  1. Well perhaps the robotron suit isn’t a total one time waste. It’ll also be the uniform for when she is about to graduate and looking for employment.

  2. Go turkey with your phone. Stay away from the evil of FB. We love it when you blog! Especially when you rant. The Japanese system seems very money oriented and yet limited in the market. Most odd.

  3. i know exactly what you mean. i am close to giving up fb but it is a comfort sometimes.

    i actually think its all a conspiracy to make us all numb. but lately, i think everything is a conspiracy….

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