The New Kev.

Young Kevvers,touch wood, has been brilliant recently. I don’t know if it’s a phase, the lull before the storm and alien snatch or what, but he has been in a pretty good mood almost all the time and an excellent, even jovial mood quite often. He has been joyful and glad first thing in the morning and he has rushed to hug me on several occasions.
On top of that, he has been arranging to play with friends, going off to the sports ground/park to meet up with other boys his own age?? Where will it end?
Then he asked me if he could invite a couple of boys over to play Wii after school. After I got my jaw back up off the floor, I said of course he could. Usually he doesn’t like to bring people here, because, apparently I embarass him, my not being Japanese is a constant cause of stress for the lad, so I was quite glad he’d got over that, until he said,’ I thought Tuesday would be good.’ I said, ‘but I won’t be here, I work on Tuesdays’, he said, ‘I know.’ Thanks mate.

Now in the past, when good behaviour, even reasonably good behaviour, even the very bottom line of what can be considered human behaviour has not been forthcoming I have had reason to ban him from the Wii. To do this I had to get the remote controls and hide them, which always led to trouble down the road because I could never remember where I had hidden them. so he started hiding them himself, so I had to resort to disconnecting the actual Wii box thing attached to the TV and take it to work with me.
So this morning, looking for my mother of the year award, I was putting some snacks and a bottle of juice out on the table for the lad his pals and I noticed the Wii box thing was gone. The little bugger had stashed it in a safe place!!

Last week there was a concert affair for the graduating six graders. Not the actual graduation ceremony thing which will be virtually the same plus lots of speeches. anyway they sang a few songs, played their instruments etc, it was fab.It was quite moving, unlike when Doris and Sunshine graduated, I know quite a lot of these kids, not all 135 of course, but a fair few, and I’ve known them since they were 3 or 4, and it was quite wonderful seeing how grown up they’ve become.
At the end each student spoke for a few seconds. They each gave a message, it could be about their primary school days, JHS or their future. In 135, there were quite a few repeats. A few kids thanked their parents. ( not mine), there was, “I’ll never forget my primary school days,” “let’s be friends for ever”, ‘”At JHS I will play sports hard and study hard’ ‘I can’t wait to play baseball’, you get the picture right? So my son, my fine young son, stands up and says,
“Whatever happens in my life, I will hold my head high and nothing will get me down”. I really didn’t know wether to laugh or cry, but he WAS original.
I’m hoping we’ve turned a corner and the inner Kev is just beginning to emerge.

8 thoughts on “The New Kev.

  1. Sounds a bright spark and no mistake. My wife and I often threaten to hide or disconnect the playstation when tantrums get too horrible to cope with and we’ve often thought that Ben would resort to the same tactics as Kevvers displays here: a preemptive strike. My response to that would be knowing where the fuseboard is in the house and flicking the right switch… not that I’ve given this much thought or anything.

  2. You’ve got him and he’s good.

    Do hope you and yours are ok, have heard on the news about a 7.2 earthquake up your way….

  3. OMG, now that bigger b**stard, do hope it hasn’t affected you guys? We’re really feeling for the people in Japan here in Chch, with every aftershock sending our aroha. xx

  4. I’m reading this late – as usual – after all the events of the past days and the continuing concerns. And I feel sad for Kev. Everything was good last week. Hope its still ok in kevs world. How does kev make sense of all this? Hope kev and your other children are ok. difficult times. Big X to you.

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