Too Everything.

Every aspect of this is just too big, and too much. Too many lives lost, too much damage, too many threats and dangers, just simply too much to comprehend.
I’ve never really managed to post cohesive thoughts so here are my random thoughts on this, make of them what you will.

A massive earthquake in Japan triggers potential tsumanis in 50 other countries. 50! We are all one, we are all interconnected, what happens here affects what happens there.

Upgraded to a 9.0! A 9.0? I didn’t even know they could measure that high.

Facebook. Thank god for facebook, it’s become a place of emotional refuge, to send and recieve messages of love and support, to find people, to be found. Again the ripple effect comes in. My friends, their friends, their friends of friends.
To see someone post, such and such has not been heard of, anyone know anything? and see a response come back, alive and well staying in primary school gym. Hearing that people I don’t even know have been located brings pure joy. Pure joy.

The search for survivors, teams from all over the world came in yesterday to help find survivors, what an amazing job these men and women do and we thank you.

Water, batteries, food blankets, they have been donated by the truck load from some of Japan’s largest companies, trucks can’t get through to a lot of areas, but they will, they will soon.Relief organisations at the moment are taking cash donations, there will come a time soon when we can send supplies, clothes, medical stuff, blankets, but we are not there yet.
My friend got to a shop with some supplies yesterday, she said, everyone waited patiently for their turn and took only what was needed, that prices were marked down, things were made cheaper. It’s the little things that make you want to cry.

The reactors.
when I first came to Japan the people I knew then were very vocal in their opposition to the nuclear reactors, particularly the ones in Fukushima. So when I heard where the quake was, I was immediately worried about them. for me the name Fukushima is synonymous with nuclear plant.
Many people have offered their homes to anyone who wants to move away from the radiation. It’s a hard situation, you want to urge your friends to be safe, but you don’t want to cause more fear than people are already managing with, aftershocks every few minutes, power going out, no sleep since Friday, impossible to think straight, impossible to make a decision.
I’m trying to imagine the emotional monster you’d have to get behind to say out loud, to tell yourself, I’m relocating my family across the country, for 3 days or 3 months or however long it takes, to escape radiation! how do you begin to say that, to think that, to allow yourself to believe that could be happening, that it is happening to you. It’s just too much, it’s just too much. In effect you’d be saying, you’d be suddenly making a decision, through your fear and you exhaustion, okay, I’ll walk away from the life I know.
If they do blow, how far away is safe? who knows? You could urge people to do all of that, walk away from their homes, live in your spare room for 3 days or 3 months or whatever and anywhere at anytime there could be another quake.

We’re miles and miles from the quake, we have power and water and warmth, our shops are stocked, it’s easier to think these things, think about these things from a place of comfort.
In some part we just want to DO something, to be active in helping someone, because it’s hard to know your friends, some with small children even tiny babies, have no drinking water, when yours is flowing out of the tap and yet you are powerless to get that water to them.

Thanks again to everyone who has asked after us, we are absolutely fine here, please continue your good thoughts for all those who are not.
The support from around the globe has been just amazing.

4 thoughts on “Too Everything.

  1. Very beautifully put. And for many of us foreign wives the issue is also do we flee (to safer ground in Japan or our home countries) and leave our husbands behind alone to cope because their companies demand they sho up for work. If I go I’m terrified and if I stay I’m terrified so I’m just taking it one minute at a time because I can’t deal with anything more.

  2. Yes, a beautiful and very eloquent post – expresses it all so admirably and gives a flavour of what it must be like. It’s shocking for us, in another country to read and hear about it, to see the images that are coming through – it must be another thing entirely when it is your own country and you are right on the doorstep.

  3. I know exactly what you mean, it’s all too much to take in. Yet you can’t help but try. My family has all been urging me to take the girls and go somewhere, but they don’t want to leave their home, their father, pets etc. For now all we want is ‘the same’, while we live each day and try to redefine what is normal. Anything we can do to help, please just let me know. xx

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