Up Up and Away

You would really think, that having known I was going away ( somewhere) for these past months, that I would be a little more on the ball about things, but no.
I was pretty much shit for brains all day yesterday, running around looking for things,
Couldn’t find my camera battery and charging gizmo, couldn’t find the red rucksack, couldn’t find anyone to help find these things until I pointed out to 2 young boys that I also couldn’t find all the DS software that I have appropriated.
That lit the necessary fire under them. Then I remembered that the software and the camera thing are all in a zip-lock bag together. They were here on this shelf, or maybe they were in the kitchen drawer, then I vaguely remember seeing them on the desk upstairs. Sadly, just as in Elvis’ case, none of these sightings panned out and we came to the conclusion in the end that the zip lock bag must be in the red rucksack and that someone must have broken in and stolen it as we slept.
Never mind, the camera will just be one less things that needs cranking up everyday, and my photos are all pretty crap, the camera on my phone will have to suffice for any magic kodak moments we might have.

So I’m off in about 40 minutes, best wake the lads and keep repeating, ‘tickets, passport,money’.
You know I will try to update from the road, others manage to do that, I know there is away….
meanwhile, be good everyone, play nicely, and there is always Twitter.

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