Made It

Made it here in one piece. Boys loving it already.
It was 20 years ago that as a young skinny, fearless/stupid gal I spent almost a year in Thailand. I’ve been back a number of times since, lthough or maybe because, it’s so chaotic and noisy and messy there is always a strange feeling of home about it for me.
I feel like I’ve come back to something I once knew, a time and a place where I had a clue and clear sense of what I was doing, which is strange because I didn’t, but it makes me feel like I used to be someone else.

So much has changed in the backpacker district, Boots the Chemist on the main drag, iphone/ipod goods on every corner, used to be 300 Baht for a 3 minute long distance phone call to my Mum to assure her I wasn’t dead.

Just had breakfast, 2 bacon sandwiches, toast a coffee and a bottle of water, all for 220 Baht ( 500yen -ish).
I think the aircon blocked me up I woke up with a massive headache, bought a packet of nurophen for 30 Baht, it’s lifting now.
Thanks to the glory that is twitter we heard about the earthquake in the north, and I wasn’t planning to go to the Andanman side today but defintelywouldn’t now.

Jim is in charge of the key for today and Kev is on budget.
He has a little notebook and pen and records our spending and translates it back in J.yen for me.
Going to explore the neighbourhood today and jump on and off some boats.
There is a temple at the end of Khao San Road, where years and years ago there was the most enormous cow, huge, huge thing, some kind of sacred thing, going to see if it’s still there.
We were up early enough to see the monks collecting alms this morning, we are planning to have some ready for them tomorrow.
Ditoh and her kids arrive late tonight. Can’t wait.
More to follow, take care one and all.

6 thoughts on “Made It

  1. It’s definitely changed over the past 20 odd years and I see the changes each time I visit. I went to Suan Luam a couple of years ago, but have just found out they’ve demolished the whole area. 7/11 on all corners, so you’re never short of a pint of milk!! Have a great break. Looking forward to hearing about your adventure. x

  2. Glad to hear you are there safely and the kids are loving it. I’m quite envious – do hope you’ll post some pics (from your camera phone)!

  3. I want to there! And no,not beacuse of bacon sarnies,Boots and nurophen;-).

    Have a blast.We are living thu you.Love love love xxx

  4. Bacon sammies, delicious! Good to hear that you’re ok and having a good break. Take care, and keep us posted! šŸ™‚

  5. Boots is one of my favourite shops – not entirely sure I’d want to find it in Thailand but maybe I would (guess depends how wrong things are going physically) anyhow – it sounds fab – enjoy.

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