Morning Mothering FAIL.

The problems I was having sleeping before I went away are a thing of the past. Now my problem is waking up.
I got a pass on the bento making from Doris for the first two days, but she did insist I make a greater effort this morning and I managed to drag myself up with 6 minutes to spare to throw a packed lunch together for her.

All was well and I was going about my morning chores, coffee drinking, cigarette smoking, checking my forums and Facebook etc, essentials only until I’ve had enough coffee, when the phone rang.

It was Jim’s teacher, he failed to arrive at school. I had a bit of a a flutter and panic until I checked his bed, and there he was sound asleep. I had just assumed he had left already. Failed to check that he had. Failed to ask a sibling if he had.
Failed to give it a thought beyond fleeting assumption. Must do better!!

Will take him in the car now, when he’s finished fannying with his hair.

7 thoughts on “Morning Mothering FAIL.

  1. Hahah…are you me? You sound like me! At least you didn’t forget you had a child..I’ve left mine at the shops many times. He tells me I’ve been a terrible mother and he deserves a nice….very rich family. Yeah, as if anyone would want him!

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