Obviously, Back. ( from Outer Space)

As the title suggests, we’re back, obviously.
Totally exhausted but a good time was had by all. Managed to be in Bangkok when the earthquake struck Northern Thailand/Myanmar, managed to be in Hua Hin when floods devastated the South.
My fine young sons were a little on the feral side at times but that was to be expected.
Hua Hin had the worst weather since the dawn of time. Been half a dozen times before and never known it to not be blue seas and skies. It was grey, overcast with force gale winds. Kids of course were happy as the clams they searched the beach for. Ditoh was fetching in a blue rain jacket and I had to actually buy a sarong, not to drape casually around my bikini -clad hips, but to wrap around my head and keep the wind from blowing out my eardrums.
Shades of Bridlington 1975 overcame me and I was quite nostalgic.
We took the kids on some ‘fun’ cultural excursions, the fabulous reclining Buddha kept The Ferals in quiet awe for ten minutes, the surrounding Wat Po was interesting to visit, and Jim Thompson’s amazing teak house in the centre of Bangkok was a personal highlight for me. Planes, buses, taxis, boats and tuk-tuks got us around, and we stayed in some interesting hotels.
Ditoh and her kids are great, Ditoh has some kind of freaky built in GPS system and instinctively knew where we were at all times, which was helpful for me as I get lost if I stand still for more than 10 seconds.
Can’t wait for the next trip.
So now we’re home, 3 out of 4 chicklets back in school.
Sunshine seems to be loving the start to this new stage in her life, and plans to get a different part-time job and a motorbike licence (??). Obviously didn’t get off to a flying start with Jim’s new teacher this morning, but on the good news side, Doris’ teacher is the softball coach and English teacher. As Doris will have the gnarly entrance exam for high school this year I cannot tell you what a help it’ll be to have the many many parent-teacher meetings in English. I think I fudged through Daisy’s Year 9 mixing a little knowledge, with a lot of guesswork and cross referencing with past experience, it was quite tiring, though having been through it before I do have a rough idea of how these things work.
Kevvers starts Monday. Uniform ready, just need to stress about the whole yakkuin thing for a few days and we’re good to go.

5 thoughts on “Obviously, Back. ( from Outer Space)

  1. Glad that you’re back, my kids are back to school too but they are sharing a campus on another side of the city and don’t start lessons until 1pm, last lesson of the day finishes as 5.35pm and they have to bus home (not getting in until around 7pm)…

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