Joy and Spring and other Pleasantness

There has been a lot of feelings of heaviness, not just around my arse but in general these past weeks.
Concern for people in the North East, my friends still experiencing after shocks, the instability at the reactor, it’s all just mulling over all the time, hanging around on the periphery of my mind, and then comes The Sunshine.
It’s amazes me every year, how after months of grey and grim, bright sunny days can lift the spirits. the problems don’t go away, they’re still there, but a joy comes to the fore front of the mind, the future looks good, the garden must be and will be planted, kids back in school, new starts all round. back to work. I’m fortunate, I love my job and it pays me a decent wage. just brining in the dry washing feels good, thinking about what foods the new season offers is exciting. I feel many different mojos kick starting, coming back to life. It won’t last, but I’ll enjoy it while it’s here, I’ll try to harness it and make good things come of it.
Cherry blossoms every where, this year’s hanami felt more telling than previous years. It’s about how transient things are, that moments are fleeting and we have to take them as and when they come, nothing lasts.

6 thoughts on “Joy and Spring and other Pleasantness

  1. Hope you’re all hcoping up there, the aftershocks must be terrifying for all who feel them. We had another 5.3 yesterday evening, gave me the proverbial shits!! (Sorry, can I say that on here??)
    Aroha to you all. xx

    • You can say absolutely anything you like here. Please feel at home. 😉
      I don’t know how you all manage living with it all the time, same for my friends further east. Keep on keeping on.

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