Kev had his grand start to JHS ceremony. I was most touched to see Doris helping him with his uniform and his bag, showing him how to cinch his belt in a ‘cool’ way, how to hike up a leg of the trousers to suggest a bit of attitude, how to know the strap of his bag, to evoke an image of a man about town.
I don’t know how it came about, she said something to him, then dragged him off to the bathroom where she could mess his hair just enough to look good but not enough to get a teacher on his case. I think she said something like,
“jeez you’ll look like Elmer Fudd, ( except she doesn’t know who Elmer Fudd is, neither does he, and neither really do I for that matter).
Possibly she was driven more by the need to protect her own credibility than she was by love for her brother,but it was nice all the same. they walked to school together, ‘just today, only today, you’re on your own tomorrow’ I heard her say sweetly.

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