Fudging All Recent Blether into One Post.

So much going on here, so much of nothing really, just the start of the school year with both my kids and the kids I work with, schedules to adjust, new timetables, new classes, new books, just loads of unexciting things to do.
After 12 years of dodging the bullet, my name came up for the dreaded yakuin, no idea how that is going to go, I’m just going to try to go with the flow and try not to let it put me off the edge.
Kev claims he is loving his new school and all that comes with it, and indeed he is up at dawn’s first crack putting on his brand new uniform which already somehow has curry spilled all over it. Much to my surprise he has joined the handball team. On the plus side he will get physically very fit, he’ll be busy, he’ll need to eat even more than he does already and he’ll be exhausted at the end of every day, not to mention, gone all weekend. The down side of this is that joining ‘club’ does fill every spare waking moment and I find it difficult to hang onto a sense of family. I know they have to grow up and do their own thing and life marches on, but I feel club just demands too much time of them, it takes them away form the home for too long, too soon.
That said, despite Kev’s claims of loving school life his behaviour at home has been a little ‘taxing’ shall we say, he clearly feels comfortable enough at home to release all of his tensions, on me, and I’m left relaxing in a cold acid bath just to relieve my own stresses of the day.
Meanwhile Sunshine has eased into her uni schedule, her suddenly expansive social life, and greater freedoms, like an old pro. Although she hasn’t actually gone to any yet, it seems there are a number of ‘all you can drink’ social events coming up and I anticipate a post entitled, ‘when teens start drinking’. some readers may find it a radical plan, but The Man and I may go back to our original idea of just locking her up in her room until she’s 50, a plan we concocted when she was just a few years old and never out of our sight.
Doris has only a few short months of softball left and we need to come up with a high school plan for her, and quite quickly really. yesterday I had the new school year visit from her teacher, who confirmed what I already knew, that Doris is a wonderful gal, possessing all the major qualities one would hope for in one’s off-spring, but that she needs ( rather we, collectively need) to be setting sights in some sort of direction and forming a plan on how she’ll get there.
Young Jim, is in year 5 and a fairly joyous kid when not in hand-to-hand combat with his brother. A re-shifting of bedrooms that did not please him, so he has taken to sleeping in a cupboard, I kid you not, it’s a big cupboard, a spacious cupboard, but a cupboard nonetheless, claims it’s HIS cupboard and he has every right to sleep there is he wants. Then kid who wore nothing but a think windbreaker over a T-shirt throughout the sub-zero winter, has now, now that spring is here and the sun is high in the sky, taken to wearing a down jacket two sizes to small. I’m beginning to notice an oddness in the lad. He also broke his toe at Tae Kwon Dou, milked it for all was worth, begged a lift to school on the grounds he could barely put his foot to the ground, but went to the TKD tournament and won trophies in 3 categories, so I think he is healing nicely.
So Saturday it is. After club Doris is going to Kyoto with my lovely friend Noren to watch women’s pro softball, Kev has handball until early evening and the lad with the broken toe and I are off to work.
American Idol at 9!!
Have a good weekend all.

8 thoughts on “Fudging All Recent Blether into One Post.

  1. You know where you made your yakuin mistake, don’t you? Letting them know you can communicate in Japanese. You have no one to blame but yourself and all that studying and “maybe I should try to fit in” nonsense. : )I’ve worked so hard to make them all think I am a blithering idiot who can barely say her own name, and so far I am slipping through the system like a wicked little eel.

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