So Sunshine’s plan is to get another part time job, evenings, she is working weekends at the amusement park.
( Less time for all these ‘all you can drink party invitations, YAY!). So she called a shop that is in the local department store, the good thing about it being that it closes at 9. A lot of evening shifts go until 11, which we wouldn’t want ( because we are having trouble cutting the cord ). her plan is to buy a moped, a pink moped, a bright pink moped, and then start zipping around town on that. I’d say it’s turning my hair grey but it’s cutting out that stage and just falling out.
The shop sells what they call ‘nikuman’, I have no idea what they are in English but they are a sort of doughy Chinese thing with meat inside, it’s a famous chain.
So she applied through their website a week or so ago but didn’t hear back, so she called them last night and she has an interview this afternoon.
So she says, I’ll go to the interview and tell them I can’t start till next Wednesday, then I’ll work 5-9 some days, 6-9 others, and when I finishd I’ll take the free nikuman they give me to Big Love 2’s house on my moped and I’ll still be back by 10.!!
She hasn’t had the interview yet, and already she has decided when she’ll start, what hours she’ll work and that they’ll be giving her freebies to take home.
Roy Castle was right, “confidence”, that’s what you need.
” if you wanna be the best, if you wanna beat the rest..ahuh, oh no that was dedication wasn’t it.
Don’t mind me, I’m not myself these days.

3 thoughts on “Confidence.

  1. confidence / dedication… they are all the same. Big words and concepts that hurt our brains. Good luck to Sunshine at the interview. Roy Castle may yet smile upon her.

  2. That made me laugh and remind me of myself when I expected to achieve the goals I had set myself…I finally came down to earth only a few years ago, when I didn’t even get an interview for a particular job! How very dare they!!

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