Let’s Have a Parade For Comedy.

As days go, not my best ever. Had an appointment in the a.m. over in Osaka, so it was a Bright Lights, Big City time for me. It fell through and a lot of time and energy were wasted.

I picked myself up by book buying at the big book shop. There isn’t one near me that carries a lot of English language books, I usually order from Amazon, but there isn’t anything quite like time to kill and money to spend in a book shop. It’s good if you’re constipated too, because I find it all ways makes me want to go. Among others I bought “Teenage Revolution” by Alan Davies, about being a teenager in the 80s, because if there is one thing I don’t do enough of, it’s dwelling on the past.

Got back, not in the greatest of moods and watched a couple of intense episodes of Criminal Minds, mass murder on a rural pig farm, gripping stuff, that surprisingly did not lift my battered spirits.

Then I remembered, my dear friend Wuthering sent me a dvd a little while ago. A comedy from the BBC.
Maybe that would do the trick, maybe a little British comedy would be good medicine.
So I cracked open “ Miranda”.
I have to say, it’s funny, it is so bloody funny. I laughed out loud.

LOL is so over worked and under paid. LOL works harder and longer than a Japanese salaryman.
LOL needs 3 months of sangria and shagging at Club Med just to get the kinks out of it’s neck.
But I did. I Laughed.Out.Loud.
I laughed so hard and so long, it wasn’t pretty, I had tears and snot all over my face. For anyone who actually knows me it was the funniest TV laugh since Margaret Cho’s “ My name is Gwen and I’m here to waaaarsh your vagina.’
I recommend anyone having a down day to watch this. In fact I recommend they show it in hospital waiting rooms around the globe. Weekend community watch-a-thons.
Give comedy a raise, praise it from the highest tower, it has magic restorative powers.

11 thoughts on “Let’s Have a Parade For Comedy.

  1. I can smugly point out I extolled the virtues of Miranda ages ago… well, maybe only last year – but I share your appreciation. I’ve seen her interviewed a few times and she comes across as a lovely person too.

  2. I had never heard of Miranda until a dear Canadian friend came back for a visit.He then told me that I remind him of someone…Miranda.We spent from around 11pm til 4am LOAO (with the help of You Tube) and I am proud to be seen as being a wee bit like her; its the facial expressions rather than the sure genius comedy apparently…Dammit! Please bring that DVD when you come in summer and we shall compare snot and tears of laughter.

  3. Thats a new comedy for me, will have to google her to find out more. I adore bookstores tho’, and luckily so do my kids. The last time we went to Australia we visited Sydney and all the kids wanted to do was visit a book store there that they have been to in the past. Bliss!

  4. Miranda is flippin hilarious. Interesting point about book shops making you want to go – never happened to me….
    I think maybe I should read the Alan Davies book, maybe living in the past a bit more is the future – let me know how you get on.

  5. I must say that Miranda is my guilty pleasure…(I’ve never admitted it in public) as she reminds me a lot of me. I never usually lol at comedies…but I’m afraid I HAHAHAHA when it come to Miranda!

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