Golden Week Not So Golden.

Weather pretty crappy, The Man and Jim went camping, they come back today. I got mail from young Jim last night said the weather was good there yesterday, it’s all looking pretty grey and drizzly hear now at camp ‘bugger-all going on’.
I’ve taken pains to continue with my laughing themed life, and my laughs yesterday came courtesy of a lovely lass called Clare, who posted this on FB yesterday.
‘ Pippa’s arse is like a J.K. Rowling book, you know Harry’s gonna be in it’.
Had me in stitches all day, almost crashed into the car in front of me at one point. I think only one of the gamillion people I told it to found it as hysterical as me, but each to his/her own hey, we can’t all like the same things can we, or we’d be fighting over them constantly.
Also chortling as I read ‘Teenage Revolution’ by Alan Davies, lots of the self-deprecating humour I’m so fond of.
He’s only 2 years younger than me, so there are many similarities in our childhoods and teen years, obviously the same pop culture, he uses the vernacular of the day, so loads of words and expressions I’d completely forgotten about.
He even had to watch Songs of Praise on Sunday evenings.
My fabulous, massively achieving, well adjusted chicklets are never home these days, thus my blog is rendered fodderless.
Kev has thrown himself whole heartedly into his new handball endeavours, and possibly whole heartedly around the pitch on his belly, judging by the colour of his P.E. kit, and I’m left again to wonder why? for the love of all things good, why? are P.E. shirts white?
I soaked them all in a tub of oxyclean, but once in the washing machine a stray sock, or hanky, or bottle of green fabric dye must have slipped in and now everything is very badly tie-dyed a mottled moldy-mildew meets mint sauce green.
What a lot of ‘m’s, might have the students say that 10 times for pronounciation practice.
Onward and upward, off to Starbucks for a cup of java with my gal pal and then home to greet my returning heroes.
Be well all.

9 thoughts on “Golden Week Not So Golden.

  1. immediately googled Alan Davies date of birth to find out how old Miss Behaving is! Miss Behaving is also two years younger than me – oh hurrah. I feel youthful…..
    I did also laugh at the Harry/Pippa joke, however at the moment I am COMPLETELY obsessed with the Royal Family and all thing Royal, I have been completely won over by the wedding, so I disloyal laughing at that joke.

  2. Okay a REALLY boring reply but can give you a bit of advice re PE shirts – get yourself to a home depot and buy yourself some ‘Utamaro’ soap. It’s a turquoise block of soap that gets even baseball gear clean.

    I’m cringing at having written the above but as ‘side by side’ so wisely said, ‘before we bought Utamaro, we were always ………’

  3. Well,as you know,I snorted at an inappropriate moment due to your well timed joke-telling.

    And a sincere thank you to Ailsa for that soap low-down; just starting the journey with PE kits and the like.God give me strength(or at least more Pippa jokes)t o get through it all.

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