All Hail The New Queen.

The newly created Queen award goes to the fabulous Ailsa for recommending I get thee to a home centre and purchase some UTAMARO soap. Such is my life right now, I’m celebrating that I got a true DAZ blue-white on my kids’ P.E. kids.
Only 138 yen, and it worked like a charm. even on a really old PE shirt I found in a drawer that was going to be chucked out it was so stained and horrible, it is born again, a whole new lease on, life, blindingly white. Such outstanding results spurred me on to try the soap out on Jim’s 1000 wash-grey Tae Kwon Dou dougi. AMAZING!! He thought I’d bought him a new set!
I have never seen nor heard of this magic potion before, you live and learn hey?
So Aisla, you rock and there is a sparkly crown waiting for you at mine and I’ll kiss the hem of your dress.

7 thoughts on “All Hail The New Queen.

  1. Haha!
    Crowned for a bar of soap, what more could a girl want!
    Glad you got the sparkle back into the PE kits, it’s amazing stuff.

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