A Smorgasbord of Field Trips.

Doris went off on Tuesday to Nagasaki for 3 days. They were supposed to go to Okinawa but it was changed apparently due to cost.
They said flights were too expensive so the bullet train to Nagasaki plan was implemented. Having paid for the trip a couple of months ago I fail to see how it could possibly have been more expensive but never mind. She’ll be back tonight and she has been much missed.
Kev and Jim both have day trips today and dawn’s first crack was a bento making frenzy. Jim looked at the clock and read it an hour out and flew into a bit of a panic, but order was restored. He is going to a museum in Hyogo Ken.
Kev is going to a farm in Mie Ken. A pig farm. According to the letter it’s a huge place where pigs frolic happily. There are 100s of piglets right now and the kids can feed and hold them. Then there are pig races, where the older pigs run around a track with little coloured jersies on. ( I doubt that betting is allowed). They’ll eat their lunch in the sprawling natural environs watching pigs at play, then, then , they’ll make sausages.
I do not make these things up.

6 thoughts on “A Smorgasbord of Field Trips.

  1. Sausages. They’re going to make sausages? Gulp. At what part of the sausage making process are they going to pitch the kids in? Not too near the beginning, I hope.

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