Thank You Mrs Purple.

So, a woman called Mrs Purple called me, she was very nice, says she has stepped up as our leader and fully appreciates my situation and would be grateful for whatever assistance I can offer, and not to worry about a thing. She said in a very nice Japanese way, that certain individuals have a tendency to be rather pedantic and I’m to just ignore them and do what I can. So that’s a load off.
I’m almost off all weekend, just one pesky lesson to do tonight. Kids are released from sports clubs because the mid term tests start on Monday and they have to revise.
Kev is taking full advantage of the time in front of the TV, and Doris claims to be revising in her room but I suspect she is staring in the mirror and running her tongue over her teeth now released from the confines of her metal braces.
She now has a smile that would stop traffic, I love it, she loves it, totally worth the second mortagage.

In trip planning news, yesterday I bought tickets to Kumamoto, in waay waay south Japan, post ticket buying investigations reveal it’ll take me almost as long to get there from here as it would to get to England, but can’t wait. Young Jim and I will go for 5 days in July to stay with a wonderful gal pal who so conveniently lives by the ocean.
Clearly any trip I plan will go wrong to a legendary degree, so the summer will be the worst weather on record, or there’ll be a bus workers strike or something, but never mind, by hook or by crook we shall get there, because I promised said friend 5 days of watching ‘Miranda’.
Not holding my breath on it but also planning to visit the Motherland in October, because someone rather wonderful is getting married.
Haven’t been to a wedding in donkey’s years, quite excited to say the least.

This morning I am taking young Sunshine to see a specialist about having cell-regeneration surgery. WOW!! not everyday you get to say that.
It’s raining, it’s pouring, and tomorrow I have a ‘date’ with my husband, as part of our new ‘making time for each other’ project.
Wonder if he wants to watch ‘Miranda’.
Have a good weekend all.

7 thoughts on “Thank You Mrs Purple.

  1. Can definitely recommend Miranda though she lost out on a BAFTA last weekend to Jo Brand. However, I think Jo Brand was a worthy winner so all’s good.

    Mrs Purple sounds a peach. 😉

  2. Enjoy the new project and all that traffic- stopping (I agree – sounds worth it – almost like a superhero skill).

    Hope your rain, and my rain, go away before the weekend’s over…

  3. I was thinking about trying out the dating thing too, but my husband says the dates have to be with each other. He is so stubborn sometimes.

  4. Saw this “Miranda” person on Graham Norton last Friday so I have finally caught up with the rest of the world, hoorah! She was very funny on that show, almost eclipsed by Adele actually tho’…
    however, I digress…we should totally raise a glass to Mrs Purple who seems to have put you back in the pink!

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