Sunday Spin

Here I am, bolting out the gate as it were, first thing Sunday morning.
Young Kev had to get up at 5.30 to go to a handball match, and his beloved mother had to make a packed lunch.
Surprisingly the lad got up in a great mood, thanks me for waking him, if you can believe that, went on to thank me for making his lunch, cue, ‘Twilight Zone’ music, and as reward for all the thanks he bestowed upon me I gave him a lift to the station.

You’d think, storming in with a brand new blog post after weeks, possibly months of on again/off again inertia, I’d have something fabulous to say, but again you’d be wrong.

There is bugger all happening here. There are a number of, let’s call them ‘issues’ in the happy home, but I feel most of my kids have now passed the point where I feel it’s okay to blog about their exploits.
They are growing up, I’m going to have to re-draw the line in the sand that decides what is okay for public consumption and what breaches their right to privacy. So have been thinking long and hard about that recently and wondering if it’s time for Miss Behaving to be about something else, then I remember, there is nothing else, which leaves me rather post-less.
I’ll continue to ponder this dilemma.

In a non breach of privacy way, Sunshine has purchased a motor scooter. A chug along 50 cc bike with a hair dryer engine.
I have enough problems letting her cross the road unaided, don’t know how this is going to work on my last few remaining nerves.
She went with the Father last week to buy it. She’s old enough, it’s her money. There was some disagreement about crash helmets.
there were those in the party who see crash helmets as a safety device, and others who believe them to be fashion accessories.
You have to ask yourself, is a brain that thinks a crash helmet is a fashion accessory really worth protecting?
I personally believe whatever the cost a helmet designed by NASA, and preferably attached to a steel full-body garment would be the way to go.
Supposed to pick it up today but the girl is in bed with a fever and has been there two days now, so The Man and I will go get it.
She won’t get her licence until Tuesday anyway, so a couple more days of (relative) peace.

Also, somehow on wordpress here, my font has gone tiny, I can barely see it and it isn’t responding to change.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Spin

  1. Well, when you achieve total Martha World Domination while the Queen of Chiba is down for the count, you will have plently to blog about!

  2. By coincidence I’m thinking of investing in a motorbike too – just to help me look for a new job; allow me to search farer and wider. My wife has told me that a Harley is out of the question. 😦

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