This Week’s Comedy Parade.

So I’m dusting down my ticker tape and assembling the marching bands.
I’m throwing a parade for my fabulous friends Feet and Sleuth for telling me about ‘Outnumbered’
It’s a British comedy series that won a BAFTA, or was nominated for a BAFTA, or someone in it went to the BAFTAs once, I forget, my ability to retain information is seriously impaired right now.
On Feet and Sleuth’s recommendation I ordered it from Amazon UK, I would have watched it immediately but it took me 3 days to get the damn cellophane off.
I managed to squeeze 3 seasons and a Xmas special into my busy schedule and it was well worth the efforts I made.
Different from the usual family sit-com in that the kids are largely unscripted. From reading the info about how it’s made it appears the writers and director give the kids an outline of where they want the scene to go and then send them in to make it up, and the result is great, very natural especially where the kids are always doing something else while they’re talking ( usually destroying something) which is exactly what kids do, they don’t stand still and look you in the eye when they talk to you.( In my case, these days I can barely get them to stay in the same room when they’re talking to ( at) me.
One of my favourite lines, and I think this moreorless sums up what the show is about,

Mother: Do you think we over-parent? ( pause) Or do we under-parent?
Father: Both I think, at the same time.

In my capacity as a non professional reviewer I have to say, it’s really bloody funny.

So Feet and Sleuth, thank you, AGAIN for bringing laughter, lots of, tears of laughter in fact, to my life.
Come on down and get your parade, the majorettes are just warming up. xxx

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Comedy Parade.

  1. Dosh tarnation. Wish I’d told you about this now – it’s bloody brilliant and one of our favourite comedies. Our eldest is like Ben and our youngest, aside from being male, is like Karen.

  2. Wishing you’d told me won’t get you a parade I’m sorry, you can have a small flag to wave.
    Tis indeed very funny and I can totally relate to raising our own anarchic Ben.
    Karen is awesome. ” Can I keep a nit, just one, as a pet. “

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