Kitty Chronicles Catch-Up

The Saga of the Cats. (1)
“A Sudden Loss”.
Catching up here, a couple of weeks ago Sunshine went off to school but came home an hour later with a mirgraine, she’d been sick on the train.
I picked her up, she came home, threw up a while then fell asleep.
This is always the pattern with her migraines.
Later that day I had an appointment in Osaka, so off I went. The meeting was just getting started when I get a phone call from an hysterical Sunshine.
“Whaaaahhhh can’t move, Waaahhhh doesn’t move, whaaah”
I was rather concerned to say the least. It took a while to calm her down enough to get the fact that she herself had not woken up with her legs paralysed, Tora, one of the cats had been spotted by our neighbor in the monny drain, not moving, they didn’t know if he was alive or not, they were going to the vet.
So off they went. I headed back home and got a call from Sunshine to say the vet had pronounced Tora dead, so now I was in a race against time to get back before Doris came home because she was going to be gutted.
By the time I got back, everyone was home and they were all in Doris’ room, sobbing, crying, hugging each other, and previously mentioned dead Tora.
I instantly realized that the okayu I had made for dinner wasn’t going to cut it, and I made a radical financial decision and phoned for pizzas.
Kev had a piano lesson so I arranged to pick up the pizzas when I picked him up, (thus saving myself 30%), off we went to piano, but then Kev was crying his heart out and we decided having arrived at the teachers house that we would just go home again.
Get home, dead Tora is still being passed around and quite frankly getting stiffer by the minute.
Get pizzas, eat outside while kids, all still crying, take it in turns to dig a grave for Tora. Tora is now really too stiff to be hugged any more, so he was wrapped in a towel and put in the box the vet had sent him home in.
I very gently and delicately asked if he really needed to be buried in a brand new IKEA towel, but seems he did, he ‘liked orange’.
Okay, but then an executive decision was made to nix the towel and the box and let Tora return to the earth au naturel, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, funky Major Tom etc.
So they put Tora into the hole, they actually dug a very deep hole, and then with their hands they gently placed the earth around him.
This took quite a long time, little child-sized handful by handful.
They put candles around the grave, lit some incense, and we each laid a flower on his grave, it was 11pm before the rituals were over.!!
Yes, I am ever-so-slightly mocking, but actually the kids were crushed, and even though it was a sad thing for them, it was an experience and quite honestly I was moved at the sight of them all comforting each other, being there for each other, I thought that, despite the fighting and bickering, that actually if I die, they will support and care for one
another, I just hope they don’t pass me around like a parcel till I’m stiff.

4 thoughts on “Kitty Chronicles Catch-Up

  1. Condolences. Losing a beloved family kitty is one of those universal childhood heartbreaks that one never quite gets over. I still miss my two, Midnight and Misty, who were too fond of climbing electrical poles.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss, all of you.

    If they are passing you around to all the people who will want to hold you then you’ll be in many places around the world.

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