Welcome to The House of Hell!

Welcome to The House of Hell.
Nasty things have been afoot here at the House of Hell.
So sad sad sad a cat was lost, gone to kitty heaven, up there with Jellicle cats and cats who leapt from hot tin roofs. But one survived, Ryu survived.
And Ryu frolicked outside and enjoyed fresh air and sunshine, occasionally pausing to take a crap on his brother’s grave, and while outside something became attached to him , much like my children are, something nasty from the woodshed. FLEAS.
I’ve heard of cats fleas before, we have to take him every so often, part with hard earned cash to keep him free of the mites. Something didn’t work.FLEAS came, they liked it here, they stayed. They reveled in our warm hospitality and they friggin infested our house.
We are all bitten, bitten, chewed up, spat out. I had more than 100 bites last count and damn they are itchy. Poor Kev I had to take him to the dermatologist, he scratches in the night, wakes up his legs are a bloody streaky mess.
T’would appear, eggs were laid, I had to throw out every futon, blanket, pillow, ( yes even those $150 each *Tempur* pillows, anything that can’t be washed was bagged up and taken to the city dump in 3 separate trips, ( oh my beloved MPV where are you when I need you).
I poison bombed the whole house twice, everything washable is in plastic bags, waiting to be washed, waiting to be dried, or the final prize *CLEAN*.
I feel sick sick sick because I breathed in too much poison.
We have to do it again in two weeks, make sure we got all the eggs. The cupboards are empty, bye bye IKEA 5 toggle duvets.
My week off work, where I’ll relax, catch up on TV, blog a bit, spent cleaning, trying to spot black specks jumping like a mad woman with flies on her peripheral vision.
And whose cat is it? Oh yes, it’s Doris’ cat, how is she?
Turns out, young Doris is immune to flea bites, not a mark on her.
Kev is in such a bad way the dermatologist phoned the house to see how he is.
Not best pleased with the cat.
Cat has actually been AWOL all day, and to be honest I’m not that bothered, I hope nothing nasty has befallen him, I’m not cruel, but I am sick of being itchy and I am pretty well out of pocket.
Welcome to my House of Hell.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to The House of Hell!

  1. Yuck. Cat fleas are horrible. Our childhood moggy was infested with them once and I swear we could see them marching through his fur like they didn’t give a damn. The cat got sprayed and the house got sprayed. It did the job but, boy, was it an ordeal. You have my sympathies.

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