Pet Sematary

So, it’s been all heat and sweat here, remembering to water the tomatoes and constant vigilance to win the war against the fleas. I think we are winning, but maybe a couple more weeks of frantic thrice daily hovering.

Cat Chronicles continue, shoot me now, I’m a cat blogger.
Almost home from work the other night, as I’m rounding the final bending I see what appears to be an inert animal in the middle of the right lane.
Mistakenly, I say, ‘oh no, there’s a cat in the road, looks like it’s been hit by a car.’
Barely waiting for me to finish parking, the kids leapt out the car and were on the case, because now, they are the fountains of all knowledge on the subject of dead cats.
Risking their own young lives on the dark road, they dashed in and swooped it up. It too had passed.
So, loving little tykes that they are they gave it to me.
I wasn’t overly keen on holding deceased cat, so another box was procured and I kept them away from my IKEA towels.
So for the second time in a month I have a dead cat in a box in my garden. They wanted to dig up Pet Sematary where Tora is buried but I can barely manage dead cat, I can’t go for decomposing cat.

To be honest it freaks me out a little because Pet Semetary by Stephen King is the scariest book I have ever ever read in my life, it kept me up nights for weeks. Scarier even than all that horror stuff that I read in my early teens. Scarier than ‘The Devil Rides Out’, when a live human child, the devil’s spawn I believe it was, was ripped from the womb.
Even scarier than ‘Audrey Rose’, which held ‘scariest damn book ever’ title for years until Pet Sematary reared it’s freaky head in my house. I can still remember crapping myself when they found George Spalding’s watch at the bottom of the lake with Audrey Rose’s hair tangled in it.Suffice to say I feel a bit strange looking out the kitchen window at night.

Thus, this morning has been eventful. Doris has had a swelling on her mouth for a couple of days that suddenly exploded off her face, I’ve heard of ‘bee-stung’ lips, this is attacked by a nest of hornets, looks like a really bad cold sore. So at 8.30 I called the city office to ask them to come
and remove the dead cat box, then took Doris to the doc where indeed HERPES, was confirmed, I know it’s a cold sore and that chicken pox, shingles etc are all part of the herpes family, but I’m not comfortable with hearing herpes in connection to my teen gal. So to be clear she has the non STD type herpes. Aka. A cold sore, actually as of typing 2 massive cold sores. I think she is really run-down post exams, and training for the inter-prefectural softball tournament and the ending of her softball career at JHS. So I got a load of multi-vitamins and these pick-me-up, 15 green veggies in one capsule type supplements. Hopefully they’ll pick her up as promised.

There has been a little trouble with young Kevvers at school. I got a call from the head of first years, I thought maybe he had won loads of prizes and they wanted me to help him carry them all home, but I was wrong. So had to head off to school with my head down and my big bag full of apologies.

I’m contemplating Plan B: run away and join the circus.

In other news, despite early confidence, Sunshine’s plan to get a job at one of the chocolate shops did not come to pass, but she got a job, three nights a week at the Italian restaurant just down the road, that should keep her busy and solvent.
Stay tuned for nothing happening again in the near future.

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