Full of Optimism

Bit of a spring in my step today, no idea why.
I’m raking around in my drawers for my Optimistic Hat.
I’m going to a PTA meeting where we will spend quite sometime deciding what colour paper to print the Bunkasai tickets on.
Then we’ll print them and cut them up.
I will go and remain optimistic that;
No one calls me by my first name.
no one declares that despite their regrettable ineptitude, they have a deep love of English.
No one uses hand gestures to ask simple questions.
e.g. Did you drive here? ( hands on steering wheel gesture)
Did you walk? ( elbows bent at 90 degrees, pump back and forth)
Can you cut? ( two fingered scissor gesture, possibly reinforced with a verbal ‘choki choki”)
Can you stay till 4? ( tap imaginary watch on wrist with fore and middle fingers.

And off I go….

5 thoughts on “Full of Optimism

  1. No one says any of that at my PTA either because no one talks! I finally blew my top and told them off for wasting my time not speaking at all yesterday. I am sure I’ll be Miss Popularity this year. Again.

    Hope you have an optimistic colour chosen!

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