Into the Hinterland.

Adventures in the wilderness begin.
Forgot to mention due to current infrequent
blogging situation, but Jim and I are off on a mini
trip. We are going way down somewhere. I can’t really be more
specific, not so much for national security, but
because I’ve spent the last 3 days trying to find it
on a map, without much luck. That said
I couldn’t find
a map if it was in my pocket so….
My dear friend, who is so kindly putting us up, claims her town
exists, claims to live in it, claims
buses run from the airport to her thriving metropolis.
The Man dropped us at the station at 5.30 we are now on the train to
Osaka. Excitedly lugging our suitcase
full of campbell’s soup.
Yeehaw, LOST remote, unknown destination
here we come.
I heard they have courgettes in the super market
fancy that !!!

( PS first time I’ve tried doing this from my
phone, no idea what it’s going to come out like.
Bear with……)
We shall see.

2 thoughts on “Into the Hinterland.

  1. It’s actually come out like a poem… I was looking for the rhyme until I realized it was prose. Good luck in the wilderness, my friend. If the worst comes to the worst you could wittle a shelter out of a courgette…

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