I’m back. Home, home, home in my sweaty sticky town. No more cool ocean breeze, no more dolphins, no more wetting myself laughing every five minutes.
Suffice to say I had an absolutely brilliant holiday and I thank the lovely M and her family for their warmth and hospitality.
I’ll get to the bit where, just when I thought I’d seen it all, we found ourselves in a clearing, in the woods with a priest in his boxers and I was reminded of the rich tapestry that is my life.
Was not best pleased to phone home to check everyone was okay, only to hear that young Kev had come home to find the door locked, so had decided, in his infinite wisdom, that his finest course of action was to break a window? Of course he didn’t opt for a small rear window, he broke a large pane in the glass sliding door. He was extremely proud of his technique and how he had broken a hole to open the door but had not shattered the glass, apparently he had seen this technique on CSI. Go Kev. As Uncle Brick later pointed out, there are far easier ways to break into a house and clearly not teaching Kev these ways has been a huge parental fail! Will try harder.
Still, everyone coped without me, they all ate, went where they were supposed to go, got home from whence they went, I think i might just go away for a few days every month.

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  1. Sounds fabulous. As for your boy breaking and entering… well, take heart from the fact he is (a) obviously not cut out for crime and (b) he managed to do it without severing an artery…

  2. So glad you had a nice break! Come to our place next time and we’ll play in Kyoto! Before that though, I want to come for a visit in early September. Hope you don’t mind another home invasion. Muah!

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