Deja Vu

Yes Kev, they are very cute, yes it is sad someone threw them away, yes I know you`ll take care of them, no, I`m not a mean Mama.
yes I`m sure Ryu is lonely since Tora died. No, I`m sorry you can`t keep them. Well because right now one cat is enough. Yes I know we had two before but now we`re used to just having one. No I didn`t say we would get more cats. Yes I can see that there are three and they are tiny. Yes, I agree they need a home, just not ours. Well because I don`t want anymore cats. No it is not mean, I`m just being honest I don`t want anymore cats, I didn`t want the first two. Yes I know I said `no` to the first two. No, I will not change my mind. No it isn`t because of the fleas, well yes it is a bit about the fleas. Well that medicine doesn`t seem to work too well. I`m sorry, who will take them to the vet every month?
Well I don`t want to be crass but yes money is also a factor. That`s very kind of you son, but your pocket-money doesn`t quite cut it.
No we can`t hang on until Daddy gets home. Well because by then it`ll be too late to take them back to where you found them. Yes they might, but such is life darling, survival of the fittest and all that, not everything lives a long time…….
you might need to smush that food up a bit first with a fork. They`ll be okay when they`ve had something to eat. We`ll feed them then take them back okay? Well then let`s not feed them and take them back….no we can`t name them. Yes that one looks like a panda, no you can`t call it panda, no I don`t want to name one, no I don`t want one that is my very own…..

10 thoughts on “Deja Vu

  1. OMG — great catching up on your blog — have read down to the priest in boxers phrase but need to go feed my crew. Love your writing, Miss B.!!!

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