Latitude Lost.

All sympathy has flown out the window. Was dashing off to the home centre this morning and I saw all these pieces of laminated paper attached to the wall of psycho`s house and I wondered what on earth could they be, the camera has also been hooked back up. Is she warning people not to come in her garage? Why would they? and why such a long long message? 9 pieces of A3 paper? It`s huge.
So when I came back I took a picture of it, I thought, given the recent outburst, it must be related somehow to the stray cat.

I was so not prepared to see our name on it. It basically says that we NAMED IN LARGE LETTERS, have a cat that we are not keeping in the house, we are letting it run willy nilly around the hood and this is preventing a stray cat that she would like to care for, from coming to eat. That she is putting out food for the stray cat and our cat is eating it. If anyone would like to complain about our eating eat food that doesn’t belong to it, or using their garden as a toilet, they are to contact her directly.

I`m sort of spitting feathers and sort of nervous, I mean she has clearly really lost it now and I have no idea if she could be dangerous.

6 thoughts on “Latitude Lost.

  1. Bloody hell, she has totally lost the plot.

    Take photos and go to the police now! Seriously. That’s slander, and threatening behaviour. I have not had to go so far myself (yet) with our nasty neighbour but friends have and they apparently have had sympathetic dealings from the police. At least you now have a record should she (when she..) step up the campaign.

    And sad though it is, I’d keep your cat in for a while. She is likely to kill him by the sounds of things.

  2. I agree, this kind of person will possibly escalate thinngs and you’re best to get in first. Try and keep your cat out of her way too….you never know…

  3. She’s barking. Absolutely barking. So a stray cat which she has no real claim to has more rights to roam free than your cat which you own and care for? Report her. Even if all they do is file it; report her and get a log going.

  4. Am a bit worried for the safety of your cat. Had to keep my cat in for a year after 11 cats in area poisoned. Am not helping am I? Sorry. Ignore me. Lived opposite someone who completely freaked about where parked my car. Screaming abusive. It ain’t fun. But did call police to him and they were looking for him re speeding fines – how fortunate!

  5. Unbelievable!!!

    Okay, if she has your name up then there is a huge problem. There’s a lady in my mil’s neighbourhood who steals fruit from other people and one old man tried to put her name up and the police went round and told him to take her name off and put her address up instead or he’d get arrested.

    Of course, the comparisons end there as her stealing fruit is against the law and your cat being in nature is certainly not.

    Hope she gets sectioned.

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