More Cat Villa

If I’m still not much of a cat fan this can’t turn into a cat blog right?
So where are we with Psycho Neighbour.
The sign came down, the jijikai guy talked to her, she took the sign down.
He came over to ours and said that this cat she is trying to lure into her clutches comes around at about 4 pm so could we keep our cat out of the way about that time. We said we could comply and that we would only let ours out in the morning. We would let it out first thing and then keep it in for the rest of the day.
This wasn’t too difficult to do except when the kids come from school and , oh around 4 pm, because our cat will be in the genkan pawing at the door. So everytime the door opens we all have to flap around and scream ‘don’t let the cat out’.( by ‘we’ I mean me of course, the younger generation in the house have yet to take an active role in solving the problem).
It did take a few days to adjust because said cat has Houdini powers and we had to figure out the myriad of ways it has of getting outside. So all the windows have to be kept shut, and there’s a cupboard it can somehow get into and create it’s own Narnia moment, so we have to keep that shut with a chest up against it, cos it can open the door too, but overall we thought we had it sussed.
Then jijikai guy came back and said he is receiving dozens of calls a day from her that our cat is scaring her wannabe away and she faxed over a list of times and dates of sightings. Basically he asked us to keep the cat in the house entirely for a month. Grounded for four straught weeks in which time she thinks she will have lured wild cat into this weird trap she has set on the bonnet of her car.
This guy is actually really nice and I’m sure he doesn’t need the hassle. He said that he can’t talk to her, cannot find a reasonable point with her cos she is no longer playing with a full deck, so would we could we please, as apparently the sane ones left, do this for a month.
So The Man ordered a cage for it, which no one really likes the idea of….
Waiting for the cage to arrive the cat put us through our paces, every five minutes someone has to dash off and get it out of somewhere or down from somewhere, it constantly mews at the back door. So there have been quite a few times where I’ve had to wrestle the cat off of those spikey cat deterrent things we lined the window sills with, where it’s climbed behind the hot kettle and try to get it back down, and for the record, it’s a myth about them always landing on their feet. Not always.
Yesterday the cage arrived, I needn’t have been so worried about poor cat being a little cage, I thought The Man meant one of those things you put them in to take them to the vet in ( when you can’t find the zip up laundry nets).
Not so, three floors of state of the art, kitty penthouse luxury, the cat now officially has more space to itself in this house then anyone else and we may have to let go of the dining table.
So let’s see how this goes……

6 thoughts on “More Cat Villa

  1. Oh that is good news about the kitty penthouse but pretty crappy that you have to be the one to go to that extreme.

    I have never had a troublesome neighbour…touch wood!

  2. I can’t quite reconcile myself to what’s going on. Why are you making all the sacrifices? Why should the freedom of your cat be curtailed to appease someone who is being incredibly bullish and antisocial! It’s not right!

    • I like your suggestion Sherry and I don’t know why I don’t run everything by you first. 😉
      Steve, I hear you, I totally understand why it looks and sounds, and IS ridiculous that we have to jump through hoops for her. And it isn’t right.
      It is in some part the way of the small Japanese community, everyone now knows she is ill, she has lost the plot entirely, and cannot see sense, so a compromise is struck to keep the peace. We don’t know if her husband has actually left her or has just been posted far away but he has not been back for over a month, her mother just died, she lives with her nutjob brother, and they don’t speak to each other or eat together or anything. So things are pretty grim for her and I think she is just completely obsessed with the wild cat and what she perceives as our disregard for her efforts to catch it.
      We agreed to keep our’s in for the month, then all bets are off, and Houdini got out of the cage anyway and we have no idea why. 😉

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