Tomato Soup and Twiglets

After a week of no internet access ( and yet I survived !) I have a quickie, unthought-out update on the visit to to the motherland which has turned into the most phenomenal personal
journey into the past and back into the fold.
My dear friend and infrequent commenter here, Withering, drove myself and Jim all the way to Scotland via Scarborough,
where Jim and I attended an awesome wedding, a wedding pulled off with such class,wit,and intimacy, there were tears in the house
and not just mine.
After an epic 3 days, where we were all clutched tightly and warmly into the bosom of my family
we had a very Thelma and Louise trip back from Scotland, driving over hills, with an awesome sky above and the beautiful wind turbines
surrounding us.
More to follow on journeying to the past and clearing hurdles.

Things I had forgotten I miss seeing.
Churches, spires, steeples, weather vanes, cattle grids, stiles, red brick and chimneys.
Sheep, cows, horses, rolling fields of green, the purple hills of Scotland.

I have a lot of people to thank for all the ferrying about, the overnight stays, the warm welcomes, the bowls of tomato soup
prepared, the twiglets stocked in the cupboard, the wine chilling, and the love, loads of loads of love extended to us.

Must try to close the suitcases again and board the bus…..
We are at the lovely Withering’s house now, and will shortly leave the North, who knows when I’ll be back, but it has been
a fantastic trip thus far.
Further musings may come from my trippings south.

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